Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry Laminate coatings:

Aesthetic Dentistry is an aesthetic application made by adhering to the layer prepared from porcelain to the front surfaces of the teeth in laminate aesthetic problems, also known as Layer porcelain or Lumineer. These coatings made of porcelain is available in a thin, semi-permeable layer. It is prepared and placed on the existing tooth with perfect harmony and precision. It is very aesthetically successful because it is very thin and does not contain metal.

Zirconium backed porcelain:

Zirconium supported porcelain coatings are porcelain that uses white zirconium alloy instead of metal as the substructure. It has a very close appearance to the natural tooth in terms of aesthetic appearance. It is more aesthetic than metal-supported porcelain. It reflects the light and does not form a dark-colored line at the gum level since the white alloy is used as the substructure. It is 100% compatible with the human body and does not cause allergies.

Full porcelain veneers (Empress):

They are made from reinforced porcelain. No metal or any other substance is used in its infrastructure. Full porcelain coatings, which have a higher cost compared to other porcelain coatings, have the closest aesthetic appearance to the natural tooth.


Bleaching; It is a cosmetic solution applied to lighten the color of the teeth that have changed and turned yellow for various reasons.

Whatever the reason is, your teeth can always be whiter and more aesthetic.

The office bleaching procedure is performed by the physician in the clinic and in a single operation for approximately 60 minutes. In our clinic, LED light plasma technology is used with the ZOOM system. Thanks to this device used, it activates the bleaching gel properties and provides a quick result.


Dental implants are metal pieces that are placed in the jaw bone instead of the lost teeth and fuse with the bone to act as a natural tooth root. These structures are made of tissue-friendly titanium and are easily accepted by the body. It has no side effects. The result is not only a beautiful smile but also a younger look.

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