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How to do teeth whitening at home?

Teeth Whitening at Home

Teeth Whitening at Home is a special whitening set that patients can use at home to make the treatment more permanent after dental office-type whitening in the clinical setting.

After taking measurements from our patient, a personalized plaque is prepared. The home bleaching kit recommended by the bleaching set used for the patients is explained to the patient. There is a whitening agent in the consistency of gel in Special Tubes. The gel in these tubes is squeezed into the special plate prepared so that there is no gap. The patient plate is placed in front of the mirror, just like the night plate. The patient uses these plates for 4-12 hours depending on the ratio of whitening agent it contains. What is important here, before using household bleaching, dental calculus must be cleaned and the patient's oral hygiene must be ensured. The patient is recommended to have clean hands and use gloves before using these plates and gel.

Does this process have a side effect?

Home bleaching is a simple method of whitening that every patient can easily apply at home. It does not have any serious side effects. After application, the teeth may have cold and hot sensitivity. This situation lasts for several days. If an allergic reaction due to the gel used in the gums develops, the patient should contact the dentist.

Is the procedure too painful?

Pain does not occur to the patient during the application. May occur cold and hot sensitivity. However, this is not a severe pain that the patient cannot bear.

Is it necessary to apply teeth whitening very often at home ?

If the patient whose dental office type bleaching procedure is used, in addition, the home type bleaching is used according to the rules. The effect of the bleaching treatment will continue for 1 to 3 years. Doctor control is recommended at 6 months after the treatment. In the control, the effectiveness of the treatment is evaluated. Accordingly, the patient is given time information for the next application.

How should nutrition be after application?

After dental office type bleaching, colored drinks (tea, coffee, juice), acidic drinks (Cola, Fanta) should not be consumed for the first 1 week. Since it will have cold temperature sensitivity, it should be avoided from drinking too cold and hot food.

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